I am so proud of this edit! This will be my last edit for a while /: hopefully amber & julia will at least somehow try to be active or im gonna kms, bye bye 💕~Lea💋 #cimorelli #believeit
I think my goodedits are making a comeback! 
QOTD: If you could ask your future self ONE question what would it be? ~Lea
yooo im actually really proud of this edit! The only good edit I’ve made since months! Comment what u think 💕 ~Lea💋 
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Sliding into your dm’s like
Idk what yall talking about the problem cover being horrible and stuff. I actually really liked the cover and think that didn’t mess it up AT ALL???? It’s actually one of my favorite covers. Yall need to accept that the girls grew up and can’t do always the old shit (with old shit I mean the white walls acoustic covers) you guys should be GRATEFUL that the girls still do covers for you ungrateful fans smh. ~Lea💋 #cimorelli #katherinecimorelli #christinacimorelli #lisacimorelli
If you think that cimorelli’s latest cover “problem” was auto tuned then you’re clearly a dumbass and don’t know the actual meaning of auto tune #sorrynotsorry ~Lea🌝
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#tbt when cimorelli used to do a lot of photo shoots 😭 I’m in a editing mood so i will post a few edits today! ~Lea💋
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HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY FAV PERSON ON EARTH! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH & WISH YOU HAPPINESS, SUCCESS AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: HEALTH FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕 I am so sorry for not spamming you guys with Amy pics like i did last year but i Get lazier from year to year tbh ~Lea💋 #cimorelli #cimfam #amycimorelli
why did Amy not take a picture ugh it’s like the photoshoot from 2011 drama all over again ~Lea💋 #cimorelli #cimfam
So guys how are yall enjoying your summer? I enjoy it by watching movies and two seasons of orange is the new black, i really need some friends tbh ~Lea💋 #cimorelli #cimfam #lisacimorelli #christinacimorelli